'A'ohe hana nui ke alu 'ia

No Task Is Too Big, When Done Together​

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by local business and community leaders seeking to leverage our expertise, resources, and experiences to support our community.

Create Opportunity

Poverty is about more than just the dollars in your pocket. We support the needs of the whole person--food, affordable housing, transportation, health and wellness, education, and career advancement. We create opportunities to allow the people of Hawaii to succeed.

Mobilize Community

We listen to the needs of our most vulnerable populations and work together to develop creative, community-based solutions. Those in need can also be our greatest teachers and leaders. By breaking down barriers between those who give and those who receive help, we further strengthen our community.

Leverage Expertise

No single program or group can solve the multi-faceted problems of poverty. That’s why we work hard to connect with local businesses, nonprofits, and individuals with expertise to support the needs of the community. This allows us to build lasting relationships essential to our work.

Our Mission & Vision

We create opportunities for vulnerable or moderate and low-income families, children and elderly by providing educational services, programs, and support. Our opportunities include projects related to...

Affordable Housing and Domestic Violence Support

Coordinating housing, transportation, and access to basic necessities for homeless populations and victims of domestic violence.

Cultural and Intergenerational Exchange

Celebrating native Hawaiian traditions and multicultural learning for all ages.

Education and Youth Development

Creating opportunities for at-risk youth through programming, scholarships, and education.

Employment and Financial Literacy

Providing resources and mentorship for job seekers and those looking to improve financial stability.

Affordable Housing and Domestic Violence Support

Supporting intergenerational learning and connection through increased access to internet and technology training.

Health and Wellness

Developing physically and mentally healthy communities with environmentally sustainable practices to fight hunger, as well as access to culturally responsive healthcare and mental health services.

Take Action

Your donation supports community-based resilience.