Hawaii Rise Workshops​

Continue growing awareness and advocacy of the diversity of "success" and value kanaka offer to organizations and institutions.

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We discuss and work with participants to understand how to highlight and communicate their unique experiences, skills, and perspectives as assets in the professional and academic realms, to best position them for whatever opportunities they would like to pursue.

Educator Expansion​

Hawaii Rise invites community leaders, educators, coaches, and mentors to participate in “Educator Expansion” workshops, where we provide detailed curricula and in-depth training.

Providing guidance to assist them in replicating classes and workshops similar to those offered by Hawaii Rise Foundation, across the community in other venues and organizations.

Professional Development​

Hawaii Rise kupuna and instructors with extensive business, education, and professional development skills.

Experience lead classes and workshops related to writing and submitting resumes, cover letters, and job, scholarship and financial aid applications; as well as and interview skills.

Culture Building Activities​

Hawaii Rise kupuna and instructors educate and guide participants in engaging in Hawaiian cultural activities – both traditional practices, as well modern adaptions – through free workshops.

Cultural activities will include, but are not limited to: instrument crafting, instrument instruction, music, hula, art, storytelling, lauhala weaving, lei making, and food preparation.


The Hawaii Rise Foundation's mission is to create opportunities for vulnerable, or moderate and low-income families, children and elderly by providing educational services, programs and support.