“With knowledge comes responsibility to practice and share with the community.”

A student in one of our Hawaiian language workshops describes the need to continue learning

Rise-Up Domestic Violence Housing Program

Domestic violence and housing insecurity often go hand-in-hand, but victims coming from shelters or from homelessness often need more than just a roof. We’re partnering with county, federal, and local nonprofits to support wrap-around services such as case workers, basic supplies, help with transportation and other needs while the victims are stabilizing their lives.

Vibrant Hawaii Resilience Hubs Empowering Communities to Lead

These spaces are designed and managed by local residents with support from partners in local government as well as the private and nonprofit sectors. Located in communities of need throughout the island, the hubs will meet the immediate community needs of food assistance, community & family resilience, and connectivity enhancement. To strengthen relationships, build social capital, and foster wellness, cooperation, and trust, the specific programs offered by each Hub are driven, prioritized, and run by community members.

Mental Health First Aid and Trauma-Informed Community of Practice

This training and technical assistance addresses mental health vulnerabilities that have been exacerbated by COVID-19. Practitioners are trained in Mental Health First Aid using a framework that blends Native Hawaiian and other indigenous cultures with the science of resilience and Trauma-Informed Care.

Conscious Community Workshop Series

Our classes and workshops offerings are based on community interest on topics such as personal and career development, health and culture. To support safe interaction, our classes and workshops are currently offered online. This education series allows local people to share their passion and expertise, building leadership from within the community.